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Real Estate


Sale & Purchase of Real Estate

Mr. Salvato has an extensive practice in the sale and purchase of real estate in Orange County and the greater Hudson Valley including Sullivan, Dutchess and Ulster Counties. Since founding the firm fifteen years ago, Mr. Salvato has represented hundreds of buyers and sellers of residential real property and homes. The firm has assisted clients selling homes and coordinated all aspects of the sale process from acceptance of offer through home inspection, preparation of sale contract, and negotiation of the contract. Mr. Salvato has also assisted sellers in clearing title objections and code violations with Town building departments.

Mr. Salvato has represented scores of purchasers from the inception of the home buying process. The practice has assisted clients in a wide range of home buying issues including assessing offer to purchase agreements, home inspection issues, structuring purchase contracts, coordination of the title search and review, and facilitation of financing with banks and other lending institutions. The focus of the firm is on a thorough pre closing review, assessment and coordination of efforts with the Real Estate agents, Title Company, lender or bank and sellers attorney, to ensure as smooth a closing process as possible.

Leasing Attorney

Mr. Salvato also helps clients who are leasing property. The practice has assisted clients in drawing up leases, reviewing leases, ending leases, landlord-tenant disputes and landlord-tenant legal consultation. We handle commercial leases as well as residential leases.

Estate Planning


Estate Management

Estate Planning

Estate Executor

Beneficiary Representation

Trustee Representation

Drafting of Wills

Will Administration

Intestate Administration

Letters of Testamentary

Estate Administration, or estate management, is the process by which a decedent's estate is settled. This includes the collection and valuing of assets, notification of creditors, and distribution of assets. The Law Office of Ronald J. Salvato specializes in estate planning, estate administration, probate estate administration, and intestate administration. We can help you determine what procedures need to followed, what documents need to be filed and guide you through New York estate laws.

Have you made arrangements for the protection of your family or your business when you die? We can design a personalized estate plan to protect your assets, preserve your values and pass along your estate to your loved ones. Ronald J. Salvato can draft your will, administer your will, serve as executor, and provide beneficiary representation. We will ensure your estate is protected and your assets are handled according to your request.

If you have lost a loved one we understand that administering an estate is often both difficult and emotional. Our firm will be sensitive to your needs as we handle the final affairs of your loved one's assets. Estate Attorney Ronald J. Salvato is fluent in the complexities of New York probate laws, estate taxes, and other issues that often arise during estate and trust administration.

If you have lost a loved one who did not have a will, administering their estate can be confusing without the help of an experienced estate attorney. Estate Attorney Ronald J. Salvato can help you determine whether or not legal proceedings are necessary and can guide you through other matters that will need to be handled as part of the intestate administration.

Corporate Law


Mr. Salvato assists business clients in the formation of partnerships, LLC’s and corporations. The firm has the capability to negotiate, draft and implement, operating agreements as well as the creation of articles of organization for corporate filings within the state of New York and in Orange County specifically. Mr. Salvato has extensive experience in the negotiation and drafting of contracts and leases with respect to commercial property and goods and services. Mr. Salvato has represented businesses and corporations engaging in franchise agreements, bill of sale of businesses, non-compete agreements and confidentiality agreements. The firm counts small business owners among many clients requiring litigation of various breach of contract claims ranging from lease and rental defaults to interference with contractual relationships. The Law Office of Ronald J. Salvato provides expert legal aid in starting businesses and incorporating businesses.

Civil Litigation


Mr. Salvato has practiced for nearly thirty years as a litigation attorney. He has handled cases involving motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall, and other personal injury claims, from insurance claims to trial and settlement. Mr. Salvato has litigated, as an attorney, cases first in Boston, MA for some ten years and then in the Hudson Valley, NY for the past eight years. His accident injury cases are litigated in Orange, Dutchess and Sullivan counties in the Town and Supreme Courts.

Mr. Salvato has represented clients in a wide range of civil suits including, breach of contract, residential or commercial leases, landlord tenant eviction matters and cases where litigants are sued or need to sue to collect damages for contractor work that has been unpaid, or where the work is substandard and damages are awarded for failure to meet contract obligations and industry or code standards. Contested damages in said cases range from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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