Why You Need A Good Business Attorney

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For many business people, hiring a business attorney is tantamount to calling the doctor for a health problem. Most people want to avoid it for a myriad of complex reasons, including the perception of cost and the perception that working with a business attorney may not be an altogether pleasant experience. The fact is that there are going to be instances which are obviously very serious from a legal perspective. In some situations, it may be as necessary to call a business attorney as it is to call your doctor for serious chest pains. Likewise, when things seem calm, there are a number of issues that can arise which seem fine on the surface, but legally speaking are not altogether clear. This article will explain why you need a business attorney to ensure that your business stays within the boundaries of the law.

Reasons To Call an Attorney
There are a number of situations in business which, if not dealt with in the proper fashion, can lead to major problems for you as a business owner or professional. A simple, seemingly innocent, mistake can lead to hefty penalties for your business. In many instances, the cost of a good business attorney can significantly offset the cost of potential fines and other legal issues. Aside from the fines themselves, the whole process of dealing with the courts in these situations takes time and time costs money. Below are a few examples of situations which can lead to such fines and where you would be very wise to hire a good business attorney.

  • Environmental laws are taken very seriously by the courts and any violation can carry serious penalties if you are the landowner, even if you are not the person who caused the contamination. This situation could arise for example, if you decide to buy a business with some land which has recently been contaminated. It is best to call a business attorney as soon as possible in this situation.
  • Litigation is an obvious situation a business attorney would be needed. It could be something completely out of your control. For example, a disgruntled employee could decide to bring a case against you or one of your employees for sexual or racial discrimination. Both of these charges are very serious and again carry heavy penalties and fines for your business if not dealt with in the proper fashion by a business lawyer familiar with the laws in these areas.
  • If you are considering making special allocations of your profits and losses in your business operating agreement, regardless of the legal structure your business operates under (eg. LLC or partnership), you really need a specialist business attorney. In fact, an expert tax attorney is probably your best bet in this situation.

Of course, you can educate yourself and keep yourself up to date with all legal issues. You can even work in partnership with a business attorney to save money by doing some of the basic things yourself and passing them on to the attorney to take a look at. Some businesses draft their own contracts and then pay a small fee to a business attorney to look them over. However you decide to go about it, a business attorney is essential if you want to make sure that your business runs within the limits of the law, saving you time and money on potentially very expensive fines.

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