What Does a Real Estate Attorney Do?

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Orange County, NY Real Estate Attorney

When you think of buying or selling a home, whether you be in Orange County, NY or elsewhere, the first person you probably think about is a realtor.  Your realtor can help you along through the process of searching for the right house or the right buyer for your home and help you negotiate a price and closing date that meets your needs.  Many people, however, do not realize the importance of a real estate attorney in a real estate transaction and a real estate lawyer should always be a part of your team of expert advisors whether you are buying or selling a home.  Your real estate lawyer can review any offer you make or receive on a home or piece of property and make sure that your rights are protected and responsibilities clearly defined.

Here’s what a real estate attorney should do for you:

If you’re buying a home…

  • A real estate attorney will assist you in understanding the purchase contract and understand how you will take title on the piece of property.
  • A real estate attorney will prepare and register all the legal documents required for the property transaction.
  • A real estate attorney will ensure for you that you receive a valid registered ownership that is strictly subject to only to the liabilities you’ve accepted.
  • A real estate attorney will help clarify the often complicated terms of the mortgage and modify them, if necessary, by working with your lender.
  • A real estate attorney will carefully scrutinize the adjustments prior to the transaction closing.  This includes taxes owed & utility costs paid.
  • A real estate lawyer will make certain that there aren’t any covenants, liens, easements, etc. registered against the property that could potentially impede the use of it.
  • A real estate attorney will attend the closing for the piece of real estate and review all the required papers that you will have to sign.
  • A real estate attorney will arrange title insurance protection for you to protect you from potentially massive financial losses due to title defects.

If you’re selling a home…

  • A real estate lawyer will review the binder for you and then review or even prepare the purchase & sale agreement, which will include the negotiation of its terms.
  • A real estate lawyer will, if necessary, prepare the power of attorney for you as well as the deed in proper fashion.
  • A real estate lawyer will take care of any title issues as they come up and work to correct them.
  • A real estate lawyer will, at the closing, review all the papers you’ll be required to put your signature on.
  • A real estate lawyer will help to arrange for transfer of the security deposits for the purchase.
  • A real estate lawyer will, if needed, provide for the arrangement of insurance certificates.

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