The Importance of Title Insurance

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By: Law Offices of Ronald J. Salvato – Orange County, NY Real Estate Attorney

Owner's title insurance is an insurance policy that helps to protect the owner of a property. It protects their rights to the land that they purchased and now own.  Whether you reside in Orange County, NY or elsewhere, there are plenty of reasons you should have this type of insurance coverage, especially since land/property acquisition is not always done correctly and records may not be completely accurate. When purchasing real estate, owner’s title insurance will help ensure your rights to the property are maintained.

How it works:

Owner’s title insurance policy is purchased during a real estate transaction. This kind of insurance protects the property owner if there are any claims against the tile at any point. Title officers search through public records to find any information on the title of the property that is being purchased. The searches will look for any past transactions on the property or any sign that the property had changed owners without going through the right documentation process. Even when title searches show no evidence of problems with the title, errors can still occur years after the property moves from one owner to another. It’s not guaranteed that a property’s record will show all essential information. However, the property owner’s risks will be minimized if they purchased owner’s title insurance. A property buyer can be protected by this insurance in situations such as:

·  Forgery and/or fraud protection

·  Wrong signatures on property documents

·  Judgments against the property

·  Making sure the title is clear

·  Defective recordation

 Higher levels of coverage can also protect you in such situations as:

·   The previous owner being in violation of building permits

·  Living trusts that exist that you did not know about

·  Subdivision maps

·  Damage to the structure caused by mineral extractions

·  Forgeries that take place after the title insurance is issued          


When the property is changing owners, it is very important to hire an attorney. Attorneys are more familiar with these situations and they can help make sure that new owners are not going to be held responsible for any previous problems with the property title. Attorneys are also able to help you determine whether or not it’s necessary for you to purchase title insurance.

Contact an Attorney

It is critical to involve a real estate attorney in the home buying process.  A good real estate attorney will help make that once you  purchase that piece of property you are not responsible for any previous judgments, liens, or other limitations previously put on the property.  Protect your investment by consulting with a real estate attorney before purchasing your property.

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