Starting a business in Orange County, New York

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Starting a business can be tricky and at times very tedious work. From all the paper work involved, to all the number crunching it is important to have an attorney by your side so all the processes are completed properly, ensuring no future problems.

When it comes to starting a business in Orange County, New York,  you need to remember that everything must be kept on record. In order to start your company you will first need to think of a name for your company.

When it comes to choosing a name, this is usually the most difficult part. You need to create a name that describes your company, but at the same time stands out and is easy to remember. Once you choose a name for your company you can go to your Orange County, New York tax office, or any local office and get your DBA. Your DBA (Doing business as) is what you need in order to tell the state your doing business, and what your business name will be.

The office will provide you with record to make sure the name you want isn’t already taken so make sure to have a few names in mind.

Once you receive your DBA you can no go on to receiving your tax ID number. If you have an attorney helping you along the way, which is recommended he will be able to use this number to set up your business accounts for you. Using these tax numbers and your accounts properly can lead to your company saving much money when taxes are due.

By getting an attorney to assist you in your paper is a great advantage. In the long run the attorney will end up saving you more money then you could possibly do on your own. They’ll be able to find all the deductions and loopholes you missed because this is what they study, and do research on. For a stable company, an attorney has a small price to pay in the long run, especially when the savings will pay for his services in the end.