Real Estate Transaction Coordination

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Real estate transaction coordination is the act of facilitating the process of a real estate sale. Real estate transaction coordination requires an in-depth knowledge of the entire buying and selling process.  A real estate attorney can assist clients in a wide range of home buying issues including assessing offer to purchase agreements, home inspection issues, structuring purchase contracts, coordination of the title search and review, and facilitation of financing with banks and other lending institutions.  A real estate attorney will work with the real estate agents, title companies, lender or bank and sellers attorneys, to ensure as smooth a home buying process as possible.

There are a number of deadlines which need to be adhered to in order for real estate transactions to happen successfully and smoothly. A real estate attorney will ensure that these deadlines are adhered to. This could involve calling or emailing real estate agents as deadlines for things like inspections approach. They can also sometimes organize home inspections for home buyers.

Administrative Tasks
There are certain disclosures which are mandatory and required by law when someone is buying a new home. A real estate attorney will ensure that these are sent to brokers and clients for approval on time. In addition, when completed forms are returned, the attorney will check that all signatures are in place and that everything has been completed in accordance with regulations.  Sometimes an attorney has to chase up agents, brokers and clients to ensure that this is all done correctly and on time.

The entire process of home buying can be a complicated one with a lot of admin and deadlines which must be adhered to.  A real estate attorney is a great asset in navigating the home buying and selling process.

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