Real Estate Law in Orange County, NY

Sale and Purchase of Real Estate

Mr. Salvato has an extensive practice in the sale and purchase of real estate in Orange County and the greater Hudson Valley including Sullivan, Dutchess and Ulster Counties.  Since founding the firm five years ago, Mr. Salvato has represented hundreds of buyers and sellers of residential real property and homes.   The firm has assisted clients selling homes and coordinated all aspects of the sale process from acceptance of offer through home inspection, preparation of sale contract, and negotiation of the contract.  Mr. Salvato has also assisted sellers in clearing title objections and code violations with Town building departments.

Mr. Salvato has represented scores of purchasers from the inception of the home buying process.  The practice has assisted clients in a wide range of home buying issues including assessing offer to purchase agreements, home inspection issues, structuring purchase contracts, coordination of the title search and review, and facilitation of financing with banks and other lending institutions.  The focus of the firm is on a thorough pre closing review, assessment and coordination of efforts with the Real Estate agents, Title Company, lender or bank and sellers attorney, to ensure as smooth a closing process as possible.

Leasing Attorney

Mr. Salvato also helps clients who are leasing property.  The practice has assisted clients in drawing up leases, reviewing leases, ending leases, landlord-tenant disputes and landlord-tenant legal consultation.  We handle commercial leases as well as residential leases.