Civil Litigation in Orange County, NY

Mr. Salvato has practiced for nearly twenty years as a litigation attorney.  He has handled cases involving motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall, and other personal injury claims, from insurance claims to trial and settlement.   Mr. Salvato has litigated, as an attorney, cases first in Boston, MA for some ten years and then in the Hudson Valley, NY for the past eight years.  His accident injury cases are litigated in Orange, Dutchess and Sullivan counties in the Town and Supreme Courts.

Mr. Salvato has represented clients in a wide range of civil suits including, breach of contract, residential or commercial leases, landlord tenant eviction matters and cases where litigants are sued or need to sue to collect damages for contractor work that has been unpaid, or where the work is substandard and damages are awarded for failure to meet contract obligations and industry or code standards.   Contested damages in said cases range from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.