The Various Roles of a Real Estate Attorney

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The Law Offices of Ronald J. Salvato: Orange County, NY Real Estate Attorney

orange county ny real estate attorney Buying real estate is one of the biggest decisions and financial commitments of your life. Therefore, you want to make sure the transaction to happen as smoothly as possible, without any legal glitches or other issues. Moving into Orange County? An Orange County, NY real estate attorney will not only help you close a real estate deal with utmost ease but will also guarantee the much needed peace of mind for every dollar spent in the transaction. 

Here are a few issues that a real estate attorney in Orange County, NY typically handles:

  • Sale, purchase and real estate leases
  • Property owner’s rights
  • Landlord – tenant relationships
  • Transactions for real estate closings such as mortgages, financing and deeds
  • Making sure your purchase contract contains the appropriate contingencies

Orange County, NY real estate attorney services can primarily be divided into two categories – residential real estate attorney services and commercial real estate attorney services. Let us now delve into the detailed roles of each.

Residential real estate attorney: If you are planning to buy a house or a real estate property in Orange County, NY, you would require a residential real estate attorney to help you complete the transaction smoothly and with minimal risk. He will ensure that the whole procedure happens seamlessly at the legal level. A residential real estate attorney will assist you in buying or selling a condo, an apartment building, a multifamily house, a co-op, a single-family home, a piece of land or a new construction. For real estate investors too, it is imperative to have a residential real estate attorney around in order to have every intricate legal clause laid out correctly in the real estate transaction agreements and contracts.

Commercial real estate attorney: A commercial real estate attorney located in Orange County, NY can help you in all matters pertaining to buying and selling of commercial property in the area and surrounding areas. For instance, if you own a rental unit, your real estate attorney will be by your side to sort out any differences that might arise between you and your tenants, legally. A real estate attorney for commercial property will further help in safeguarding your real estate investment in Orange County, NY and take the best legal action if and when the situation for it arises.

The services offered by a real estate attorney in Orange County, NY also vary depending upon whether the attorney is offering his services to the buyer or the seller of a real estate.

A real estate attorney for a seller can provide multiple services related to commercial or residential property in Orange County, NY. Some of them include providing tax advice, preparing the legal deed, stepping-in to negotiate in case of any modifications made to the purchase contract, reviewing the brokerage agreement, preparing the power of attorney, and being present by the client’s side at the time of the settlement. 

A real estate attorney for a buyer of real estate can be of significant use too. From surveying the review, reviewing the title insurance commitments and title searches, preparing the purchase contract and reviewing the zoning to advising the client on legal matters, reviewing the inspection report of a real estate together with the financial arrangements and negotiating the transaction in case of any modifications in the contract, a real estate attorney for buyers will help to advance your interests and keep you away from the pitfalls of bad investment.

Your search for a real estate attorney in Orange County, NY ends at The Law Office of Ronald J. Salvato. Ronald J. Salvato has been a successful real estate attorney for more than twenty years. Since its foundation, The Law Office of Ronald J. Salvato has helped buyers and sellers of real estate in Orange County, NY through successful real estate transactions. To know more about this real estate attorney or his law firm in Orange County, NY please visit our home page