Five Benefits of Using Corporate Lawyers

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By: Law Offices of Ronald J. Salvato – Orange County, NY Business Attorney


Business LawThe role of a corporate lawyer is to ensure the legality of all commercial transactions in an organization while also advising them of their legal rights and duties. Regardless of the nature, size and location of a corporate organization, it needs to have a qualified and skilled lawyer who specializes in business law. Such a person can provide legal assistance at every stage of the business and protect the organization against lawsuits and frivolous claims that can threaten a corporation’s image and success. 

Here are the top 5 benefits of hiring a business lawyer for your organization in Orange County, NY:

  • To help in the formation and organization of the corporation:When you have decided upon the form of entity for your business organization in Orange County, NY, a skilled business lawyer helps you to ensure that all statutory and regulatory requirements are fulfilled. The drafting of shareholder agreements, letters of incorporation and corporate articles can be effectively taken care of with the help of a business attorney.
  • To keep the organization in compliance with applicable local and federal laws: The license and permit issues and the regulatory compliance for a business organization in Orange County, NY are effectively and easily handled when you have a business lawyer in your team. There are different local, state and federal laws that govern the different aspects and actions of a business. To avoid fines, lawsuits and other legal actions due to compliance failure, it pays to have an efficient business attorney who knows the law of the land.
  • To properly initiate and structure partnerships:If you consider starting a business with another company or decide to enter into a partnership at a later stage in business, it is essential to consult a business attorney for finalizing an appropriate draft for the partnership agreement. It is imperative to clearly define roles, responsibilities and expectations of all concerned partners. The basis of profit sharing and other terms and conditions also need to be outlined to avoid any confusions and disagreements in the future. Only an attorney adept in business law can help to deal with these aspects successfully.
  • To prepare secure and effective business contracts: Suitable contracts are the building blocks of business relationships. Any business contract has to be written and legally binding. It is highly recommended that you hire a business attorney when you have to draft valid and enforceable business contracts. Your business lawyer makes it easier to include all necessary points and terms in a contract.
  • To protect your organization against claims and other litigation issues:Despite its best efforts to maintain quality, any business organization can face customer complaints or claims against a product or service. Some of these issues can be handled by the customer service team but when issues take a legal turn, only a business lawyer can help a business protect its interests, while also taking care of the complaint.

With a qualified and experienced business lawyer on your team, you will find it much easier to deal with the legal formalities of any business.

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