Characteristics of a Good Per Diem Attorney

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By: Law Offices of Ronald J. Salvato – Orange County, NY Business Attorney

You may hire a per diem attorney for several reasons – to get legal expertise, advice and assistance on an ad hoc requirement and to save your time, energy and money in hiring a full time lawyer for the purpose. However, before you hire a per diem attorney in Orange County, NY, it is imperative to check for a few essential traits that are discussed below:

Qualifications and certifications: A per diem attorney in Orange County, NY must possess an active license as an Attorney-at-Law to qualify for the position and the job. Additionally, a per diem attorney must be able to furnish a certificate of good standing. Membership of the NY Bar Council is also a key requirement for someone to work as a per diem attorney in Orange County, NY.

Knowledge and experience: Before seeking the services of a per diem attorney, you must ensure that they are very familiar with the state court rules of all civil procedures in order to make court appearances. A per diem attorney in Orange County, NY should have some experience of attending motion hearings and representing plaintiffs in arbitration and at trials in the DJ courts and at the Court of Common Pleas. They should be able to handle court calls, depositions and briefs also.

Commitment to timeline: Since the work of a per diem attorney in Orange County, NY is quite temporary, it is important that the per diem legal services provided by an attorney are prompt, effective and within the timelines desired by the clients. This helps clients to pay a justifiable amount as a fee against the number of hours spent by a per diem attorney on their particular case. Therefore, while choosing a per diem attorney for your specific legal formalities or requirements, always hire the one who is reputed for timeliness of services.

Excellent communication skills: To be able to represent his client effectively, a per diem attorney must have excellent communication skills, backed by superb logical ability, strategizing power and the power of analysis. These factors form essential traits of a good and successful per diem attorney and can also make them very trustworthy.

Nominal fees:  Typically, a per diem attorney in Orange County, NY charges on an hourly basis. However, in some cases, they might offer  their per diem legal services at a flat fee. It is important to go for a per diem attorney who promises to provide their per dime legal services at flexible rates that do not pinch your pocket.

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