Buying a Home in Orange County, NY – What to look out for!

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Hudson Valley/Orange County, NY Real Estate Lawyer Ron Salvato

The Hudson Valley, and Orange County, NY in particular has long been a place to purchase a second home.  Whether you live in nearby New York City and use a second home in Orange County as your weekend “get away” or you spend part of your year here in your second home the beauty of the area cannot be denied, particularly during the changing seasons.  If you are considering purchasing a second home in this beautiful area of New York state (or perhaps relocating here), a good real estate attorney can help you avoid some of the setbacks and difficult issues that often come along with buying a second home.

Acquiring the services of a local real estate attorney is a good idea because they can offer guidance and help inform you of increasingly common issues that can arise in upstate New York real estate transactions.  Avoiding, or having an attorney help negotiate you through and around, some of these pitfalls could save you tens of thousands of dollars and many headaches.  Over the recent years, as second home prices have fallen throughout the Hudson Valley/Orange County, NY region, distressed real estate has sometimes proven to be ripe for problems created by neglecting property, economic and circumstantial desperation, and sheer ignorance. Leaking or substandard oil tanks, problematic septic systems, contaminated water, and roofing issues have caused problems for some Orange County, NY home buyers.  A real estate attorney will help protect you from these pitfalls and make your move into the Hudson Valley a positive experience and sound financial decision.

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