Having a Tenant Dispute? Here are your legal rights.

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Orange County, NY Landlord/Tenant Disputes

Have a problematic tenant? Know your rights.

Are you a landlord  in the Hudson Valley or Orange County, NY? If so, are you having or have you had a dispute with your tenant? Tenant disputes are never a pleasant experience.  If you’re not completely aware of your rights, they can leave you feeling frustrated, anxious, confused, and even vulnerable. Complicating the issue is that landlord/tenant laws vary not only from state to state but even from county to county.  When issues arise between landlords and tenants, the person with the most knowledge is likely to have the edge. The best thing to do is in these situations is to educate yourself on your rights as a landlord.

Landlord Rights.

Landlords are protected by a set of rights from tenants who abuse their privileges. People often do not realize the risks associated with being a landlord and how difficult it can be. Landlords are taking on a large, but usually rewarding, risk when renting out their property to a complete stranger. A common question asked and issue that comes up is the issue of whether or not the landlord has the right to enter the tenant’s home without asking while the tenant is renting.  The answer to that question is yes, but only under certain circumstances. If you are a landlord, you have the right to enter your tenant’s home in case of an emergency. For non-emergency and repairs, it is required that you give an advance notice before entering your tenant’s home. With advance notice, the landlord also has the right to be able to show the property to potential tenants or home buyers.

Another right landlords have is, through the court eviction process, the right to evict the tenant for any violation of the lease agreement. The lease agreement is a legal agreement entered into by both parties and can be enforced.  Most lease agreements will contain language stating due dates and methods of delivery for rent money.  Thus, landlords also have the right to receive their rents on time.  You will also typically find in the agreement a provision to protect the property from changes without notice.  This means that a tenant may not make structural changes to the interior of the house or apartment without notifying the landlord and getting approval.  These are only a few of the many rights landlords have.  If you still have questions and would like to speak to a reliable attorney please contact us today to have all your questions answered.


Are you a landlord in the Hudson Valley area of New York? Are you confused about your rights?  If so, give us a call right now to discuss your issue with us so we can set you on the right path.  We serve Orange County, Sullivan County, Ulster County, and Dutchess County in New York State.


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The Law Office of Ronald J. Salvato can assist you as a landlord in the eviction of tenants.  In many cases when a tenant fails to pay rent and is in arrears of as little as one month, an eviction proceeding may be filed in Town or Village Court.  A Notice of Eviction, and Petition for Eviction can be prepared by Mr. Salvato and his staff to evict the non paying tenant.  In most cases the cost of the eviction proceeding is less than one months rent.