What an Attorney Can Do For Your Business

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Small Business Lawyer

By Orange County, NY Business Attorney Ronald J. Salvato

Forming a new business?  Selling your existing business?  Purchasing land to expand your current business.  Running a small business presents unique challenges for today's entrepreneur.  Many small business decisions require an attorney.  Some simply would benefit from the analysis of a commercial attorney. 
The purchase or sale of a business will usually involve the assistance of a business lawyer.  
The formation of a corporation, partnership,or  LLC  can benefit from advice from an attorney who has experience in business law. 
Some businesses find themselves in a position to sue or are defendants in a civil suit for money damages known as civil litigation.
New and existing businesses can benefit from a review of existing contracts for goods or services.  Also leases can be negotiated and drafted by an attorney specializing in business law.   Business lawyers also add value to clients bottom line by reviewing the standard sales or service contracts to insure they contain the most current language to protect the small business from liablity or costly mistakes of law. 
When expanding a business by purchasing commercial land for the development of a retail or manufacturing facility, or merely as investment property/rental, a small business operator can take advantage of the expertise and experience of a commercial real estate attorney in the review of offers to purchase, contracts of sale, contingencies, escrow agreements, commercial financing, title review, engineering review and planning/zoning board approval process. 

Why Choose Per Diem Attorney in Orange County, NY over a Full Time Associate?

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Why Choose Per Diem Attorney in Orange County, NY over Full Time Associate?


Per diem in Latin means ‘per day’. Per diem legal services, therefore, refer to per day legal services that are available temporarily and can be availed from time to time or as when the need arises.  If you are based in Orange County, NY and require an ad hoc legal assistance, it is advisable to go for a per diem attorney who can take care of your legal issues instantly and charge you a nominal fee as per the number of hours spent in a day.


There are several benefits that make per diem attorney a preferred choice as compared to full time legal solicitors or associates. Let us delve into some of these advantages of hiring a per diem attorney:


Paying only for the per diem legal services that you need and when you need them is the biggest advantage of seeking the assistance of a per diem attorney in Orange County, NY. Since a per diem attorney works on a per day basis, he is bound to pay complete attention to your particular legal requirement and ensure that all desired legalities are successfully wrapped up within a prescribed deadline. In other words, a per diem attorney in Orange County, NY not only saves you a considerable amount of time but also an exorbitant amount of money. As against this, if you hire a full time associate instead of a per diem attorney in Orange County, NY, you will be bound to pay him irrespective of any work that you get done.


A per diem attorney in Orange County, NY provides instant and efficient legal assistance and solutions. Since the services of a per diem attorney in Orange County, NY are time bound, he will ensure that your legal issues are resolved at the earliest. On the other hand, a full time associate might take longer to solve a case of a legal nature compared to a per diem attorney in Orange County, NY.


A per diem attorney is an expert in all matters that are of a legal nature. Therefore, whether you are looking for an attorney in Orange County, NY for a civil litigation case or to do all the mind-numbing and complex legal paperwork, you can leave the onus of the job on a per diem attorney in Orange County, NY. A per diem attorney typically tends to one case at a time and is therefore able to give his complete attention to it in order to ensure timely closure of the legal cases. On the other hand, a full time legal associate might be involved in several simultaneous cases, all at once, and might not be able to devote his attention or time to guarantee on-time closure of your particular case.


Thus, hiring a per diem attorney in Orange County, NY is a great solution for all your temporary legal requirements. Per diem legal services save you time, efforts and money.


By hiring the per diem legal services of Ronald J. Salvato, you can have a per diem attorney with over twenty years of experience to take care of all your legal requirements – from preparing complaints, answers and third party complaints to discovery demands, discovery responses, motions to dismiss and motions for summary judgment, etc. the Law Office of Ronal J. Salvato is reputed for offering per diem legal services in Orange County, NY. The per diem legal services offered at this law house ensure that the billing is flexible with very nominal hourly rates. Besides Orange County, NY, Robert J. Salvato also provides per diem legal services to his clients based in Ulster, Sullivan, Dutchess and Putnam counties.


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