How to Find a GOOD Real Estate Attorney in Orange County, NY

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By: Law Offices of Ronald J. Salvato – Orange County, NY Real Estate Attorney


Real estate law is an intricate area of expertise and calls for the involvement of a qualified and professional real estate attorney to deal with matters of a legal nature. Typically, there are two types of real estate attorneys – one who handles lawsuits in courts, also known as a litigator and the other who deals in contract matters and is better known as a transactional lawyer. While some real estate attorneys are quite adept at handling both these areas of expertise, it is imperative for you to seek the services of either a litigator or a transactional lawyer, depending upon your specific requirement for a real estate attorney. Here are a few things that you must bear in mind while hiring the professional services of a real estate attorney in Orange County, NY:

  • Area of expertise: A real estate attorney based and practicing in Orange County, NY can specialize in residential, industrial, commercial, agricultural or landlord-tenant real estate categories. Before you hire the professional service of a real estate attorney you must find out his forte and area of expertise
  • Experience: While the number of years usually gives an idea about one’s work experience in a particular industry, it must be noted that the experience of a real estate attorney may also be based on the types of cases he has handled and settled. Thus, it is a good idea to take into account the work profile of a real estate attorney before seeking his legal services to ensure if it suffices your specific real estate law requirements.
  • Reference and recommendation: You might want to contact your state bar association to acquire details about the credentials and reputation of any real estate attorney in Orange County, NY. Seeking references from his clients will further help you know if the real estate attorney is trustworthy, skilled and has a good standing. Additionally, you can also check the Internet to browse through his website, if it is available online, or breeze through the yellow pages to know if he is renowned. Moreover, you can also check if the real estate attorney is a member of any legal bodies or is affiliated to any legal associations that cater to legal issues similar to yours. Most importantly, you may request to be furnished with a real estate attorney’s retainer agreement and have it explained in details to you before making a choiceof seeking his services.
  • Location: Although it may seem a small factor, it helps to have a real estate attorney located in close proximity to your home or workplace in Orange County, NY or a surrounding county if you are not located within Orange County. Depending upon the criticality of the case, a close location can help in quicker commutation, thus saving time and effort. You do not need to think twice before driving down to meet your real estate attorney in order to discuss an important clause or seek any sudden legal advice.
  • Language requirements: This is a subjective need that may arise in special situations.  If you are dealing with a party that speaks a language different from yours, you must hire a real estate attorney who knows that language too in order to have crystal clear dealings and legal resolution of real estate matters.
  • Professional fee: The professional invoice must include all costs payable by you and additional expenditure incurred from the attorney’s end. Make sure that you are not billed with hidden costs or overcharged by a real estate attorney.


Based in Orange County, NY, The Law Office of Ronald J. Salvato is owned and headed by Mr. Salvato who has over twenty years of experience. The firm deals primarily in real estate law, the litigation of contract disputes and personal injury cases and helps clients in estate planning, sorting landlord tenant disputes, evictions and drafting of wills, trusts and power of attorney. The Law Office of Ronald J. Salvato serves the Hudson Valley and Orange County, NY, as well as Ulster, Sullivan, and Dutches counties.


The Importance of Contingencies in Your Home Purchase Contract

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By: Law Offices of Ronald J. Salvato – Orange County, NY Real Estate Attorney

The purchase of your home should be contingent upon getting certain information and having certain actions taken.  Read this article to find out more (and then share it with all your friends).

A typical real estate purchase contract will contain multiple conditions that must first be satisfied before the transaction can proceed to the closing.  These conditions typically relate to issues such as inspections, insurance, and more.  These conditions are known as contingencies.  Their purpose is to protect the buyer (and seller) in case of unforeseen circumstances.  For example, there may be a contingency that says the home must first be inspected by a home inspector and the potential buyer must be satisfied with the results of the inspection. Having contingencies in your real estate contract is vitally important considering the significance of a real estate transaction.  Purchasing a house is much different than purchasing a new computer or piece of furniture, both of which typically have acceptable return policies or warranties.  Once the deal is done it is pretty much done.  It is worth taking all necessary precautions and setting up the proper contingencies before the real estate transaction is finalized.

What contingencies should be included in your real estate transaction?

There are many contingencies that can and should be in place before the real estate transaction is finalized.  Getting help from a good real estate attorney can help answer the question for your specific circumstance about what contingencies you should make sure are included in your contract.  Some are fairly standard, and will be mentioned here but each situation contains different circumstances that should necessitate different contingencies.  You are strongly advised to get the assistance of a local real estate attorney to help you in this matter.

Insurance Contingency: Imagine buying a house in an area that is known for having hurricanes and finding out after the real estate transaction is complete and you've moved into your home that you are denied an insurance policy to help protect you in case of any damages to your home.  This has become more common and, as a result, home buyers have been adding insurance contingencies to their real estate contracts.  Seek help from a good real estate attorney to help make sure the validity of your contract is contingent upon receiving a written commitment for needed coverage by the appropriate insurance companies.

Financing Contingency:  Imagine signing a home purchase contract and then finding out you are unable to acquire the financing you were counting on.  The financing contingency is a common one.  Having this included in the contract makes the real estate sale contingent upon the buyer being able to secure either an acceptable loan or some other form of financing.  As the recession has made it more difficult for some people to secure a mortgage this contingency has become increasingly common.

Inspection Contingency:  This contingency is another common one.  Including this contingency makes the purchase of the home contingent upon receiving and being satisfied with the results from a home inspector (or inspectors) that you hire.  

Other Contingencies: There are many different contingencies that may be included in a real estate purchase contract.  Some of the more common contingencies have been discussed here.  However, each home buyer is different and comes to the real estate purchase process with a unique set of circumstances requiring specific contingencies.  A real estate attorney can help you determine what contingencies should be included in the contract and if some contingencies become a matter for negotiation, the real estate attorney can help you with that as well. 

About Ronald J. Salvato: Located in Orange County, NY, Mr. Salvato has nearly twenty years of practice as an attorney.  His areas of expertise include real estate law, civil litigation, and corporate/business law.  He has worked primarily as civil litigator of lawsuits including the litigation of contract disputes, and personal injury cases. In addition the firm has assisted clients in the preparation of wills, estate planning, trusts, power of attorney, and landlord tenant disputes, including evictions.  Please contact him for all of your Real Estate Attorney in Orange County, NY needs.  He also serves Ulster, Sullian, Dutchess and Putnam counties!

The Importance of Title Insurance

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By: Law Offices of Ronald J. Salvato – Orange County, NY Real Estate Attorney

Owner's title insurance is an insurance policy that helps to protect the owner of a property. It protects their rights to the land that they purchased and now own.  Whether you reside in Orange County, NY or elsewhere, there are plenty of reasons you should have this type of insurance coverage, especially since land/property acquisition is not always done correctly and records may not be completely accurate. When purchasing real estate, owner’s title insurance will help ensure your rights to the property are maintained.

How it works:

Owner’s title insurance policy is purchased during a real estate transaction. This kind of insurance protects the property owner if there are any claims against the tile at any point. Title officers search through public records to find any information on the title of the property that is being purchased. The searches will look for any past transactions on the property or any sign that the property had changed owners without going through the right documentation process. Even when title searches show no evidence of problems with the title, errors can still occur years after the property moves from one owner to another. It’s not guaranteed that a property’s record will show all essential information. However, the property owner’s risks will be minimized if they purchased owner’s title insurance. A property buyer can be protected by this insurance in situations such as:

·  Forgery and/or fraud protection

·  Wrong signatures on property documents

·  Judgments against the property

·  Making sure the title is clear

·  Defective recordation

 Higher levels of coverage can also protect you in such situations as:

·   The previous owner being in violation of building permits

·  Living trusts that exist that you did not know about

·  Subdivision maps

·  Damage to the structure caused by mineral extractions

·  Forgeries that take place after the title insurance is issued          


When the property is changing owners, it is very important to hire an attorney. Attorneys are more familiar with these situations and they can help make sure that new owners are not going to be held responsible for any previous problems with the property title. Attorneys are also able to help you determine whether or not it’s necessary for you to purchase title insurance.

Contact an Attorney

It is critical to involve a real estate attorney in the home buying process.  A good real estate attorney will help make that once you  purchase that piece of property you are not responsible for any previous judgments, liens, or other limitations previously put on the property.  Protect your investment by consulting with a real estate attorney before purchasing your property.

Are you in need of a real estate attorney in or around Orange County, NY?  Give our law offices a call today to speak about your real estate attorney needs.  We serve the following areas:  Hudson Valley, NY including Orange County, Sullivan County, Dutchess County, and Ulster County.

Having a Tenant Dispute? Here are your legal rights.

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Orange County, NY Landlord/Tenant Disputes

Have a problematic tenant? Know your rights.

Are you a landlord  in the Hudson Valley or Orange County, NY? If so, are you having or have you had a dispute with your tenant? Tenant disputes are never a pleasant experience.  If you’re not completely aware of your rights, they can leave you feeling frustrated, anxious, confused, and even vulnerable. Complicating the issue is that landlord/tenant laws vary not only from state to state but even from county to county.  When issues arise between landlords and tenants, the person with the most knowledge is likely to have the edge. The best thing to do is in these situations is to educate yourself on your rights as a landlord.

Landlord Rights.

Landlords are protected by a set of rights from tenants who abuse their privileges. People often do not realize the risks associated with being a landlord and how difficult it can be. Landlords are taking on a large, but usually rewarding, risk when renting out their property to a complete stranger. A common question asked and issue that comes up is the issue of whether or not the landlord has the right to enter the tenant’s home without asking while the tenant is renting.  The answer to that question is yes, but only under certain circumstances. If you are a landlord, you have the right to enter your tenant’s home in case of an emergency. For non-emergency and repairs, it is required that you give an advance notice before entering your tenant’s home. With advance notice, the landlord also has the right to be able to show the property to potential tenants or home buyers.

Another right landlords have is, through the court eviction process, the right to evict the tenant for any violation of the lease agreement. The lease agreement is a legal agreement entered into by both parties and can be enforced.  Most lease agreements will contain language stating due dates and methods of delivery for rent money.  Thus, landlords also have the right to receive their rents on time.  You will also typically find in the agreement a provision to protect the property from changes without notice.  This means that a tenant may not make structural changes to the interior of the house or apartment without notifying the landlord and getting approval.  These are only a few of the many rights landlords have.  If you still have questions and would like to speak to a reliable attorney please contact us today to have all your questions answered.


Are you a landlord in the Hudson Valley area of New York? Are you confused about your rights?  If so, give us a call right now to discuss your issue with us so we can set you on the right path.  We serve Orange County, Sullivan County, Ulster County, and Dutchess County in New York State.

Buying a Home in Orange County, NY – What to look out for!

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Hudson Valley/Orange County, NY Real Estate Lawyer Ron Salvato

The Hudson Valley, and Orange County, NY in particular has long been a place to purchase a second home.  Whether you live in nearby New York City and use a second home in Orange County as your weekend “get away” or you spend part of your year here in your second home the beauty of the area cannot be denied, particularly during the changing seasons.  If you are considering purchasing a second home in this beautiful area of New York state (or perhaps relocating here), a good real estate attorney can help you avoid some of the setbacks and difficult issues that often come along with buying a second home.

Acquiring the services of a local real estate attorney is a good idea because they can offer guidance and help inform you of increasingly common issues that can arise in upstate New York real estate transactions.  Avoiding, or having an attorney help negotiate you through and around, some of these pitfalls could save you tens of thousands of dollars and many headaches.  Over the recent years, as second home prices have fallen throughout the Hudson Valley/Orange County, NY region, distressed real estate has sometimes proven to be ripe for problems created by neglecting property, economic and circumstantial desperation, and sheer ignorance. Leaking or substandard oil tanks, problematic septic systems, contaminated water, and roofing issues have caused problems for some Orange County, NY home buyers.  A real estate attorney will help protect you from these pitfalls and make your move into the Hudson Valley a positive experience and sound financial decision.

Are you in need of a real estate attorney in or around Orange County, NY?  Give our law offices a call today.  We serve the following areas:  Hudson Valley, NY including Orange County, Sullivan County, Dutchess County, and Ulster County.